Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Heart Wegmans

What is Wegmans? Oh you poor souls that don’t know….You really are missing out. Wegmans is a foodie’s paradise. It is Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s/Safeway/Balducci’s wrapped into one. It is beautiful…masterful…sumptuous….ahhhh….

It’s also a market that I can only visit a few times a year since it is 70 miles away! I recall reading in the Washington Post, many months ago, that a new Wegman’s was opening in Hunt Valley, near Baltimore, Maryland. Hundreds of customers started to line up outside the doors at 5:30 am on the day of the grand opening, as if they were attending a rock concert with general seating. They just wanted to be the first ones to step inside the brand new Wegmans.

Anyways, I recently found out that a Wegmans will be opening near me sometime in the near future. I can’t wait! In my college days, I would stand in line at 5 am just to get concert tickets – now, I may stand in line at 5 am to get into a fantastic grocery store…woohoo!

Ah, how times have changed.

Check out the Wegman's website for some tasty recipes - http://www.wegmans.com

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