Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Ramadan!!!

It’s RAMADAN!!! Yes, the holy month for all Muslims, like me, is finally upon us. How does Ramadan affect a typical Muslim’s eating habits? It’s good you asked, since it affects our eating habits in a big way. Basically, it means…no food…from sunrise until sunset. NOTHING! No small meals, no water, NOTHING! The religious and philosophical reasons behind the fasting are written about extensively on the internet. But the purpose of this blog is not to espouse religious beliefs, it’s about food.

So, because of the fasting, you may think that food, or the preparation of it at least, is not a big part of Ramadan. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. The preparation and serving of food is an integral part of this festive month. And it’s highlighted in a fantastic way by Huma Siddiqui in this article:

So, please everyone, if you know a Muslim – either work with one or are friends with one – don’t tempt them with chocolate covered cherries or strong coffee in the early morning, it’s just cruel. Instead, try and get an invitation to their home for a “breaking the fast” meal, because honestly, it’s a meal that you wouldn’t want to miss.


j mallin said...

Hello Farah, I am the other half of mallin. I haven't seen you since the nuptials. Seeing your blog reminds me of what an amazing person you are - multi-talented with good cooking, good photography, and wit to boot.The orzo dish looked quite yummy. Hope all is well with you! K

FZQ said...

Thanks Mrs. Mallin! Hope to see you guys soon!