Sunday, February 4, 2007

Eggspectation = Eggcellent!!!

My friend Glick was in town this weekend, so on Saturday morning, we met up with him for brunch. Since he is oh-so-accommodating, he agreed to meet us in Silver Spring. After much deliberation, i.e., two minutes, we decided to go to Eggspectation!!! I LOVE eggs (which could be a factor in my high cholesterol, don’t you think?). I love eggs over pasta; I love eggs with rice; I love eggs with black beans; I love them scrambled, omelette’d, or sunny-side up. The best is having a sunny-side egg with the runny yoke, and dumping some Tabasco on it, then using some crusty bread to sop up all the runny goodness – damn that’s good!

Ok, back to Eggspectation…there are only four Eggspectations in the U.S. (and surprisingly, two in India) and we are blessed to have one of those four only a mile from the house. The line was atrocious when we got there, so by the time we were seated, about 45 minutes later, we were all starving.

I ordered the Oy Vegg, which is what I usually get from there because it is sooo good. The menu describes it as this: Potato Latkes with two eggs (any style), grilled tomatoes, and sour cream, served with chef’s fruit garnish. You’re such a “Mensch”. Because I love the runny yoke, I ordered my eggs sunny-side up. It was fantastic! All the yummy goodness with sour cream and latkes – you can just imagine. I ordered some turkey bacon on the side because their TB is usually much better than anywhere else, i.e., not card-boardy. Unfortunately, the TB was cold this time around, but it still tasted decent.

Anyways, I urge anyone who has the opportunity to go to an Eggspectation to go – it’s too good to pass up!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this restaurant info. Me and the 3 Js will have to check out this place. sis K

Anonymous said...

I read your latest blog (garam-masala) entry with great interest. I love eggs too especially the hard-boiled ones. However, couple of years ago when I was in Shanghai I stayed at the St. Regis Hotel. For breakfast I wanted to have an omelet and the waitress mentioned that they make their omelets with three eggs. I expressed some reservation to her abt having a 3-egg omelet given my problem with cholesterol. She mentioned that they serve “white omelet” and urged that I try it. It was great! Basically, the omelet was made simply with egg whites!!

Last year when I was at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago I ordered a “white omelet” and the waiter knew exactly what I wanted. Please do try it next time you visit your favorite breakfast place.

Love you