Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome to Garam Masala Foods

I’ve decided to start this food blog as a means of sharing my favorite recipes. I love to cook and experiment with different foods, but it is rare that I get to share my food accomplishments …and disasters too. Many of these recipes come from my grandmother, Bibi’s, collection. She was an amazing person, and an amazing cook to boot. Before she passed, she shared with me many of her Indian recipes. I used to sit on her bed and write all of the mouth-watering recipes down on a notepad. She would often say, “you have to put a pinch of cayenne in the pot” – ummmm, how much is a “pinch” exactly??? Eventually, I figured out what to do – don’t get me wrong, it usually took me a few go arounds before I got it right. So, if you try these recipes and it doesn’t work on the first try, DON'T GIVE UP!!!

These days I not only cook Indian food, but all kinds of dishes. Most of my recipes are for savory items. While I love to eat sweets, I am, frankly, a terrible baker. The precise measuring of baking drives me nuts! It’s so much better when you can add a “palmful” of this, or a “sprinkling” of that. I guess Bibi rubbed off on me that way.

I’ll try and post a few times each week. I’ll put up my old standards and some new recipes that I try. And if all goes well, I’ll add some food pictures to the fray. Please feel free to add comments, or send me some of your favorite recipes.

Good eating!

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